Taking charge of the direction your life is taking – Avoiding pitfalls and creating more opportunities

In psychology, there is an interesting concept called “locus of control”. It was first established by psychologist Julian B. Rotter through his work on social learning in the 1950s and ’60s¹. And it still is one of the most researched notions in the field today². Locus of control – often abbreviated as LOC – has … Read more

Why “evidence-based” doesn’t always mean that something will work for you … and what to do about it

Last month marked the 1-year anniversary of Maxand. How time flies!  🙂 When I started, I couldn’t have imagined that over 24,500 people¹ from as many as 115 countries would find their way to the site in the very first year. But what’s even more encouraging for me to see is that readers seem to find … Read more

When life as you know it ceases to exist – How to face the challenging mix of priorities in life-changing conditions

It’s election time in Indonesia. Candidates face the daunting challenge of introducing themselves to over 193 million voters. Across thousands of different islands. Stretched over 3 timezones. From big, bustling cities to remote jungle villages. Incumbent president Joko Widodo has decided to share the story of his life on social media¹. He tells of a … Read more