Maxand’s mission

My mission is to support people who find themselves struggling with the question “What do I want?”. To help them come home to who they are and find their own unique place in the ever-changing motions of life.

By offering different angles and perspectives, I’d like to help people see more – or other – opportunities and possibilities in their own unique situation, and experience more space, creativity and confidence in finding their way.

I’m probably just as much driven by my professional experiences as I’m driven by my own personal fascination with the topic. It is a question we all ask ourselves at times. One which can be remarkably difficult to answer. And yet, time and time again, I find there’s great energy in the process of discovering what you want … and no end to the diversity, colour and uniqueness of all possible answers.

At this time, I focus primarily on providing on-line Insights that are accessible in most parts of the world through the Maxand website. In the future, Maxand may offer other services as well, such as seminars, workshops, coaching or counseling, and include more online features and social media.

If you’re curious about Maxand’s origin or want to know something about me, please click the links below for more information: