On privacy and the use & sharing of information

The Maxand website has a pretty straightforward set-up and humble objectives. Yet, I’d like to keep to good practice and make sure that things are transparent and clear, specifically with regards to protection of privacy and personal data, as well as the use and sharing of the information distributed via Maxand.


1. References

Apart from my own experience, I feel very grateful to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants. People who have shared their thoughts about this or related topics before. Who have done research or other work that I can draw on. They are a great source of inspiration!

Credits should be given where credits are due. Whenever and wherever I build on something specific that someone else has done, thought of or made, references are included.

I try to use sources that are publicly and freely accessible as much as possible, so that everyone can verify them for themselves and find additional background information, should they wish to do so.

The pictures on this website are free Pixabay or Pexels stock photos unless mentioned otherwise.


2. Using the information

Of course, it is my sincerest hope that people will use the information that is shared via Maxand. That’s what it’s for! I write to share my thoughts, hoping that they may be helpful to others. This said, I would like to highlight the following.

  • Every individual remains responsible for his/her own actions

Whatever someone decides to do based on the information distributed via Maxand, lies beyond my control and responsibility. Sometimes, actions can have unforeseen outcomes for the person him/herself. Sometimes, a person’s actions can have negative outcomes for others. I cannot be held liable for someone else’s actions or the consequences they might have. Every individual remains personally responsible for deciding on his/her actions and managing the outcomes.

Let me also explicitly distance myself from any actions that someone might undertake with the explicit intent to impose physical or mental harm on others.

  • A special note for those who feel really lost

Perhaps you find yourself really confused and lost. This just happens sometimes. And it can happen to anyone.

If you feel a bit down and out and have the occasional ‘blue Monday’, that’s perfectly fine and part of the process. Just continue to take one step at the time, and try to spend time with people you feel comfortable with and do things you enjoy doing.

However, if you notice that you have trouble enjoying anything in life, that you feel very out of balance, that you no longer feel like taking care of yourself, or that you perhaps even want to hurt yourself, please seek professional help or talk about it with someone you trust!


3. Sharing the information

  • Simply sharing the information

If you want to share the information distributed via Maxand with others, please feel absolutely free do so. If the information can be helpful to more people, that’s great!!

While saying this, I am assuming you are sharing the information simply because it might be interesting to others. I presume you are not making any money off of it, that you include the original references as well as the original Maxand source, and that you are not presenting the information as your own.

  • Using the information in commercial settings

If you want to use the information shared via Maxand in a commercial setting, please contact me before you do so.

  • Copyright

Copyright rests on everything that is offered on the website, sent out via ‘Maxand’s InsightS” or shared via Maxand’s Facebook page. If third parties use the information for commercial gain without prior consent, or if the information is quoted but not referenced, I hold the right to take legal action against those involved.


4. Privacy and personal data

Properly protecting the privacy and personal data of those who visit the website is important to me. As I run the site from the Netherlands, I use the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; 25 May 2018) as my reference point.

  • When you visit the site

I don’t use tools like Google Analytics and have no detailed data on the visits to the site. I only have access to some very basic information (such as number of visits to the site) as registered by the Netherlands-based company Greenhost, where the website is hosted. For more information on Greenhost, please see below.

  • When you send me an e-mail

If you send me an e-mail via info@maxand.org, I will only use your e-mail address to answer your message and not for any other purposes.

  • When you follow Maxand on Facebook

You can follow Maxand on Facebook via de MaxandWebsite Facebook Page. Note that – if you do – this means you agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook. The way Facebook runs the platform and deals with privacy and personal data lies outside of my control or responsibility.

  • When you register for the “Maxand’s Insights”

If you would like to automatically receive “Maxand’s Insights” in your inbox , you can register via the website. The personal data you register with (name and e-mail address) are only used for this purpose and not for anything else.

I send the Insights via the US-based company MailChimp, with whom I have a formal data processing agreement. Mailchimp adheres to the Safe Harbor Principles and annually certifies their agreement to EU/US and Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks (see Privacy Shield Framework).

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any given time. Your personal data is deleted automatically upon unsubscribing.

  • When you share on social media

You can share the articles on the Maxand website on social media via the share-buttons included at the end of each article. For this purpose, I am using the plugin “Shariff Wrapper“, which is built in such a way that it’s GDPR-proof without tracking of what is shared where.

  • Hosting of the site

The Dutch organisation GreenHost is hosting the Maxand website. GreenHost is a provider of hosting services which has been dedicated to a sustainable, open and free internet, as well as the protection of its users. The company, with whom I also have a formal data processing agreement, adheres to the GDPR.


5. Something not right? Please contact me!

I try to do my writing as conscientiously as possible and have the website reviewed by an independent expert on a regular basis. However, if – at any time – you find anything that is incorrect or incomplete when it comes to the above, I would be very, very grateful if you would drop me a note via info@maxand.org.