Discovering what you want: How to use “criteria” … without getting stuck

Are you also trying to rearrange your life? Perhaps because you somehow need to find a new way of living amidst the impact of Covid-19? Or because you’re entering a new phase of life as you finish school, finish a relationship or finish working? Or simply because it seems your current life just isn’t what … Read more

The people around you: Tips on handling your social context while discovering what you want

Henriette was always there. No matter how people would shout at her in anger, cling to her in desperation, pressure her to agree to hopeful delusions. No matter how good or bad the news, she was there for a much-needed hug and words of encouragement. For practical support and gentle advice. Solid like a rock, … Read more

Broadening your vision: The value of cross-cultural differences – Part 1

So you’re on the Internet looking for some inspiration in discovering what you want. Perhaps you’re from Malaysia or Brazil. Or from the USA, Austria, Ghana, Kazakhstan or China. Or who knows? You’ve landed on this page written by a Dutch person. Later, you might visit a site by someone from Canada, India or another … Read more